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一. 源码下载

git clone https://github.com/kaldi-asr/kaldi.git kaldi-trunnk

将源码clone到了kaldi-trunnk文件夹中, 接下来的操作都是相对于kaldi-trunnk目录;

二. tool安装

2.1 检测依赖


cd kaldi-trunnk/tools/extras


./check_dependencies.sh: sox is not installed.
./check_dependencies.sh: we recommend that you run (our best guess):
 sudo apt-get install  sox
You should probably do: 
 sudo apt-get install libatlas3-base


sudo apt-get install  sox
sudo apt-get install libatlas3-base


./check_dependencies.sh: all OK.

2.2 编译tools


cd kaldi-trunnk/tools


touch sctk/.configured
cd sctk; \
make CC="gcc         " CXX="g++" all && make install && make doc
make[1]: Entering directory '/home/sourcelink/work/test/kaldi-trunnk/tools/sctk-2.4.10'
(mkdir -p bin)
(cd src; make all)
make[2]: Entering directory '/home/sourcelink/work/test/kaldi-trunnk/tools/sctk-2.4.10/src'
(cd asclite; make all)
make[3]: Entering directory '/home/sourcelink/work/test/kaldi-trunnk/tools/sctk-2.4.10/src/asclite'
(cd core; make all)
make[4]: Entering directory '/home/sourcelink/work/test/kaldi-trunnk/tools/sctk-2.4.10/src/asclite/core'


Warning: IRSTLM is not installed by default anymore. If you need IRSTLM
Warning: use the script extras/install_irstlm.sh
All done OK

结果中有个警告提示IRSTLM默认未安装, 安装情况详见2.3节;

2.3 IRSTLM 安装


cd kaldi-trunnk/tools/extras
****() Installing IRSTLM
****** You are trying to install IRSTLM from the wrong directory.  You should
****** go to tools/ and type extras/install_irstlm.sh.

这提示了一个错误, 按照提示执行:

cd kaldi-trunnk/tools


***() Installation of IRSTLM finished successfully
***() Please source the tools/extras/env.sh in your path.sh to enable it

根据它的log输出我并没有找到extras目录下找到env.h, 而是在tools目录下:



三. src安装

3.1 查看安装教程


These instructions are valid for UNIX-like systems (these steps have
been run on various Linux distributions; Darwin; Cygwin).  For native Windows
compilation, see ../windows/INSTALL.

You must first have completed the installation steps in ../tools/INSTALL
(compiling OpenFst; getting ATLAS and CLAPACK headers).

The installation instructions are

  ./configure --shared
  make depend -j 8
  make -j 8

Note that we added the "-j 8" to run in parallel because "make" takes a long
time.  8 jobs might be too many for a laptop or small desktop machine with not
many cores.

For more information, see documentation at http://kaldi-asr.org/doc/
and click on "The build process (how Kaldi is compiled)".

3.2 按部就班

编译原则: 核心*2

输入nproc命令, 查看核心数:


  ./configure --shared
  make depend -j8
  make -j8


.so /usr/lib/libatlas.so.3 /usr/lib/libf77blas.so.3 /usr/lib/libcblas.so.3 /usr/lib/liblapack_atlas.so.3 -Wl,-rpath=/usr/lib -lm -lpthread -ldl  -o lattice-lmrescore-kaldi-rnnlm-pruned
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/sourcelink/work/test/kaldi-trunnk/src/latbin'
echo Done

3.3 测试cuda

cd kaldi-trunnk/src/cudamatrix
  • 修改makfile

makefile中的TESTFILES修改为BINFILES, 接着从新编译;

make clean
  • 测试


LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:SelectGpuId():cu-device.cc:128) Manually selected to compute on CPU.
-1.05384e+09 -1.05384e+09
-2.15126e+08 -2.15126e+08
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:main():cu-vector-test.cc:868) Tests without GPU use succeeded.
WARNING (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:SelectGpuId():cu-device.cc:203) Not in compute-exclusive mode.  Suggestion: use 'nvidia-smi -c 3' to set compute exclusive mode
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:SelectGpuIdAuto():cu-device.cc:323) Selecting from 1 GPUs
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:SelectGpuIdAuto():cu-device.cc:338) cudaSetDevice(0): GeForce GT 740M	free:1406M, used:597M, total:2004M, free/total:0.701871
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:SelectGpuIdAuto():cu-device.cc:385) Trying to select device: 0 (automatically), mem_ratio: 0.701871
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:SelectGpuIdAuto():cu-device.cc:404) Success selecting device 0 free mem ratio: 0.701871
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:FinalizeActiveGpu():cu-device.cc:258) The active GPU is [0]: GeForce GT 740M	free:1361M, used:642M, total:2004M, free/total:0.67942 version 3.5
-2.09624e+09 -2.09624e+09
-3.48269e+09 -3.48269e+09
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:main():cu-vector-test.cc:870) Tests with GPU use (if available) succeeded.
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:PrintProfile():cu-device.cc:456) -----
[cudevice profile]
CuVectorBase::CopyRowsFromMat	0.00564122s
AddVec	0.00586867s
CuMatrix::CopyToMatD2H	0.00618124s
AddSpVec	0.00717688s
CuMatrix::SetZero	0.00725651s
CuMatrix::Resize	0.00772119s
CuPackedMatrix::CopyToPackedD2H	0.00780797s
CuVector::CopyFromVecH2D	0.00909543s
CuVector::SetZero	0.0216539s
VecVec	0.0249407s
CuVector::Resize	0.0267916s
CuMatrixBase::CopyFromMat(from other CuMatrixBase)	0.0348191s
CopyToVec	0.0702085s
CopyFromVec	0.0914154s
RandGaussian	19.8284s
Total GPU time:	20.2046s (may involve some double-counting)
LOG (cu-vector-test[5.5.204~1-2f92b]:PrintMemoryUsage():cu-allocator.cc:368) Memory usage: 0/714080256 bytes currently allocated/total-held; 0/1 blocks currently allocated/free; largest free/allocated block sizes are 0/714080256; time taken total/cudaMalloc is 0.00372839/0.00123286, synchronized the GPU 0 times out of 1181 frees; device memory info: free:679M, used:1325M, total:2004M, free/total:0.338915maximum allocated: 8395776current allocated: 0

四. 验证

验证kaldi是否安装成功,可以选择运行 egs/ 目录下的许多测试用例脚本。

cd kaldi-trunnk/egs/yesno/s5


steps/train_mono.sh: Pass 37
steps/train_mono.sh: Pass 38
steps/train_mono.sh: Aligning data
steps/train_mono.sh: Pass 39
fstrmsymbols exp/mono0a/graph_tgpr/disambig_tid.int 
fstisstochastic exp/mono0a/graph_tgpr/HCLGa.fst 
0.5342 -0.000482149
HCLGa is not stochastic
add-self-loops --self-loop-scale=0.1 --reorder=true exp/mono0a/final.mdl exp/mono0a/graph_tgpr/HCLGa.fst 
steps/decode.sh --nj 1 --cmd utils/run.pl exp/mono0a/graph_tgpr data/test_yesno exp/mono0a/decode_test_yesno
decode.sh: feature type is delta
steps/diagnostic/analyze_lats.sh --cmd utils/run.pl exp/mono0a/graph_tgpr exp/mono0a/decode_test_yesno
steps/diagnostic/analyze_lats.sh: see stats in exp/mono0a/decode_test_yesno/log/analyze_alignments.log
Overall, lattice depth (10,50,90-percentile)=(1,1,2) and mean=1.2
steps/diagnostic/analyze_lats.sh: see stats in exp/mono0a/decode_test_yesno/log/analyze_lattice_depth_stats.log
local/score.sh --cmd utils/run.pl data/test_yesno exp/mono0a/graph_tgpr exp/mono0a/decode_test_yesno
local/score.sh: scoring with word insertion penalty=0.0,0.5,1.0
%WER 0.00 [ 0 / 232, 0 ins, 0 del, 0 sub ] exp/mono0a/decode_test_yesno/wer_10_0.0


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